Anyone who has ever “intentionally” searched for a liveaboard boat knows… it’s not a fast process. We looked and researched for two years before finally getting the right boat.

We are so thrilled to share with you all… the we in fact, have found our liveaboard vessel. She is a 1968 Chris Craft Commander and is currently docked on Lake Michigan in Chicago.

If you’re following our journey via (youtube)… chances are you already got a tour of the boat. She is a 42 foot beauty that has been so well maintained… it’s hard to believe she is a 68′. She is stocked with twin gas 427 engines… which we didn’t think we would find in a vessel this size, but suits us well considering Sir Salt has spent his life working on these types of engines. He isn’t as familiar with diesels, and considering we will be doing much of our own work on the boat, that is probably in good alignment for us. She needs plenty of updating, but I find her 60’s/70’s charm to be hard to not at least honor.

Our first weekend was spent getting everything we didn’t think we would need “off” the boat. The seller wanted to just “walk away” and was kind enough to leave us thousands of dollars worth of tools and replacement equipment. Ever grateful.

The second weekend we brought my son onboard and went through the engine room. We got plenty done, but still managed to fit in some good memory making moments.

What’s Ahead?

Well, I’m currently writing from Santa Rosa Beach, FL. I’m here bringing my kiddo home and doing my own hunting for marinas to keep our vessel. We will spend the Summer in Chicago… learning the boat and getting comfortable with her. We will also start making plans to haul her out in the Fall after making part of our (Florida bound) trip south. We imagine we will end up somewhere on Kentucky Lake and take the waterways south (an alternate route for The Great Loop.) That will bring us out to Mobile, Alabama… where we will take the ICW to the Destin/ Ft. Walton area to leave her year round. (and yes, with a hurricane plan)

Somedays I cannot believe we finally made it happen. Other moments I’m sitting in a marina office asking about fuel docks and haul outs… and wondering what the hell I’m even doing. But all in all… I’m having so much fun learning about this lifestyle… and wrapping my little life around it. While I’m south discovering marinas… Sir Salt in in Chicago, you guessed it, working on the boat.

Cheers Mates