Entry: The Siren

I have spent a significant portion of my life in the car.

When you grow up in a town with few resources, you go out of town a lot to get what you need. So, when it came to wanting to do entertainment type work, pageants, dance, school and work… most of this required me to spend at least an hour in the car one way. Most of my trips however have been over 5 hours one way… and as many as 17 hours one way.

Today is no different… I spend a lot of time driving back and forth to to see my son (sometimes fly when it works out) and now lots of road trips to see boats thrown into the mix.

So a quick backstory, this funny thing happened on the first day of the year… I had this intense pull to get in the car and just drive. I knew that I couldn’t go just then, but I knew the moment would make itself present. (well, we are present) It’s looks like this lady will be traveling alone to the western gulf coast of Texas next week to look at a boat that we have put an offer on!  Then, I’ll be traveling east from there scoping out marinas until hitting Florida. A few days upon that adventure and then I will turn back to Indiana.

As a yacht broker… I’m lucky in that I can take my work with me anywhere. Since I sell from the www, all I really need is a laptop to be able to conduct work. Also, as a life and business advisor… I need only a phone. As Sir Salt tends to his MASSIVE engineering project and intense long overnight hours… it will be up to me to make sure we are getting a solid vessel. A vessel I might add that somehow escaped Hurricane Harvey’s wrath last year! I know, I know… before all of you veterans come crawling out of the sea foam, I know we are pretty nutso to consider a vessel like this, but… we are not idiots and yes, we will be getting a survey with a certified surveyor to ensure we aren’t making a major faux pas purchase.

What the hell are we going to do with a boat in Texas, when we live in Indiana… When I’m needed too in Florida? Well, you know what… I do not freaking know. In fact, if I knew how this little thing called life was going to turn out, I probably would have made a lot of other decisions based on that.

We cannot NOT go…. because we don’t know how it’s going to work out. You just freaking figure it out. And I suppose that is the Salty truth… from the mouth of Salty Siren today.