We did not think this would be an easy process… by any stretch… but we also didn’t know how disappointing it would be when things didn’t work out.

We recently made two 12 hours trips (one way) to see and survey a vessel in Florida. After many miles, car rentals, haul out and survey… totaling over $1700 for the deal to be lost. It would have been an unconventional buy to begin with (money down with seller financing) that the seller said he would consider doing. However, the seller has stopped communicating with us and has re-posted his boat for sale.

Lesson learned. We don’t blame him… it’s a tall order to ask of a seller, we would have just hoped for some better communication from him.

That little episode landed us in a little spiral. One that made me question if we are even supposed to be doing this. Buying a boat isn’t like buying a Winnie… or home. It has to be in the right place and the right configuration. You have to have a place to put it because you can’t just set it down on a lake anywhere you wish… and if you want to buy something that is over 15 years old, you better have a crap-ton of cash on hand or be ready to buy a potential disaster. Financing anything over 15 years old in the boat business is not an easy feet… unless you want to pay for the boat 3 times in interest rates. (and that is with steller credit!)

But after a few days of disappointment, we looked again. Found a great boat in the absolute opposite region we needed it to be. Set up a time to show it and then learned to get it out of the area we would have to remove part of a bridge to get it out of the lock?!?! WTF? Ummmm…. no. That would cost more than the boat.

So… another day of questioning this whole idea… and we are back to the dream.

We have found some other options, but they are a good bit away again and I’m just not so sure we can get to them before they are scooped up again. Not to mention… finding a place to keep them being three-four states away.

I asked Sir Salt yesterday on our urban rooftop deck if we just pick the most difficult dreams? The ones that make no sense at all to go after given our backgrounds or environment? He said, “Yes.” A man of few words.

So today I have avoided looking at boats at all… been too busy trying to sell them to other people. Oh the irony. And I am in no way giving up on this (I mean I started a whole brand and business and blog around it for fuck sake!) but I’ve got to set it aside today. My heart just cannot take it.

I think it’s okay to set dreams down for a moment…. especially when they slap you around with impossibility. I think the pause allows us to gain perspective and clarity (if we choose it to do that.) It can also derail us given we set it down for too long, like at the bottom of a junk drawer, with all intention of dealing with it but full knowledge that we have no idea what to do with it… I am giving myself a moment… but it won’t last long. I mean, I was already watching liveaboard youtubers last night if I am being honest.

That is the update… I hope your dream is a closer than ours today! But if not… you’re not alone!