We didn’t know we could…

It’s not easy to start over.

We like to think they we are just evolving as life changes, but if we are being really honest with ourselves here…. we have no idea what we are doing. We are not exactly sea going veterans. In fact I grew up in the mountains of California and he grew up in the cornfields of the Midwest… this doesn’t exactly scream “nautical experts!”

But here we are believing if we can dream it… then surely we can do it.

This space is for liveaboards and aspiring liveaboards. We see more and more landlubbers (like us) taking to the sea to find a new kind of freedom. This won’t be the space were we tell you how to liveaboard, honesty there are a gazillion of those couples and


they do it far better than we can pretend to. We are simply going to show you how we transition into this life… tell you the stories of the people who choose this lifestyle, feature lots of liveaboard boat and yacht options, allow you to step on board with us if you so choose to give this a try, show you the things we use on board to make life a little easier and even what we do for work… because let’s face it… we aren’t to retirement yet and we didn’t want to wait to get there and not be able to do this.

We are thrilled you found us… We are Todd & JeneĆ© the ‘costars’ and also the team of #herwordshislens.

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