Anticipating Our Next Move

It has been a long Winter and Sir Salt and I are anxiously awaiting moving the boat again. The plan is rough at best and really depends much on the weather. Seems Spring is getting a slow start, at least in Indianapolis, and our work schedules certainly have been complicating factors. 

I’ll be making a trip South in the next couple weeks, which will allow me to stop by and stay a night on the little lady and check everything out. I’m sure she could use a good window opening and some fresh air. I hope she misses us as much as we miss her.

We plan to move the vessel to Demopolis in our attempt to get her ready for salt water. She has been a Great Lakes boat her entire lifetime, so we have plenty of things to consider. I’m sure, many of things we have yet to consider. If you have any tips on what you have done to get ready for salt, we welcome those, just leave a comment.  

In the meantime, we have found the fitting we believe we need to fix our port engine fuel line. We discovered a leak in Grafton on our way down, which seemed to be worse the more fuel we had in our tanks. A little frightening, if I’m being honest, to smell that much fuel in the cabin of our boat, so we tried the best we could to fix it with no resources but JB Weld painted on material, a plastic bag and rubber-based tape. It worked up until now, but far from fixed. 

We also had a major generator blow out on our second to last leg. We don’t use the generator much as the fridge and microwave are all we use underway, so we made due for the quick last two trips. We did buy a beast generator in Columbus but it’s not yet hooked to anything. Not a fan, it’s louder than I care to admit and isn’t a long-term solution. We will attempt to fix our generator, but I have a feeling it might be a goner (don’t tell Salt I said that) but heres to hoping. 

Also, there was a massive flood at the Columbus Marina, leaving many boats north of there, stranded, after the water receded. You couldn’t get to the marina by car as the water had taken over the roads. They lost power just over 30-hours and then went back online. I did check in with Steve, awesome harbormaster, and he said all was fine and was looking after her. 

That’s the quick update. I know many of you have asked about new episodes, and it’s been a bear for me to get those done because of my work influx and I’ve had a hard drive fail. One is coming, but it’s gonna take a bit longer. We do appreciate you asking and watching!