The Story

Most of our friends know us as the “costars”… because our story feels more like a movie than real life. We have completely different backgrounds.

Todd is a mechanical engineer co-owning a Midwest based firm working for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies on the planet. He is also a creative however… not just with pen and paper but as a regularly published photographer in the sports and arts spaces. 

I (Jenee here) am a California born dancer… who spent years as a showgirl and even more as a journalist. But for the past few years my entertainment company and business and life consulting is what has been keeping me the busiest and most fulfilled. I’m also a photographer and videographer… so at least my journalism degree comes somewhat in handy.  

Together, we ave been dreaming up this idea of living aboard… working abroad… and taking our once complex lives and making them more simple. We thought that was by ways of traveling under the name of #herwordshislens, but we realized that that only captures a small part of who we are and what we look to accomplish in this world. 

Today, we are leaning into a life on the water (we aren’t full-time liveaboards, yet) and surrounding ourselves with work that can support this vision … one we thought couldn’t be possible based in land-locked Indianapolis, IN. 

We are glad you are here at Salt and Siren… and we hope we can help you find your new adventure on the water… or invite you to have one on ours… and show you some of the ways we plan to liveaboard and work and thrive by the sea. 


We can help you find your next onboard adventure. 

Whether you are new to liveaboard life or are a salty dog looking for your next on water vessel, we would love to help you!


Yes, like on our yacht!

Pop over and learn more about renting our vessel if you’re in the florida panhandle! 

We want to share our love of products that we love for the on board lifestyle. 

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We love to share our our day to day life with our tribe… and if you’re here, chances are you get us. So feel free to head over to our youtube channel to follow the daily and weekly activities of what it’s like to build an onboard lifestyle!


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