A New Adventure Begins

I have no idea what I’m doing. 

I mean… for the past 5 years I have been building an entertainment company… followed by a business and life consulting company. In fact, I recently I started a passion project, High Brow Vegan… and here I am starting something else. Salt & Siren. Who the hell do I think I am? Some kind of renascence woman… thinking she can go around and just start new stuff all the time. Why yes… I suppose I do think that. 

I am always starting something. 

To make matters more challenging, I’m starting a sea-loving business… living in the middle of a Midwest urban dwelling. I mean, am I trying to make this as hard as possible on myself? The truth of it is… Todd and I know we belong “out there” and we have been planning for “out there” for a good while now… In fact part of moving out of a 4000sf home in the suburbs to a 950sf urban apartment in the city has been a part of the plan all along. A. we got smaller, something we have to do in order liveaboard… and B. we are saving differently for a different kind of investment. 

I’m not discontinuing any of my businesses anytime soon…(I love each of them) I’m going to milk being a multi-passionate solopreneur for as long as I can, but Salt & Siren is where our future is and it would be silly to focus on where I’ve been if that’s not the destination… right? 

Next week, I begin work on this business as the lead business… and for any of you who know the multi-business life you know how significant that can be. It means a shift must take place… a new industry I need to wrap my head around and inevitably, our lives are about to take on a whole new shape. Here is the really interesting part of this for me as a business coach… I typically know a decent amount about an industry or business before jumping into it, meaning my past life has typically supported my future visions. This one… is totally different. While I have spent lots of time on boats and in the water for various reasons… I have not had a business in this territory ever before. But what I do know is… anything I tackle, I do it all the way. 

We are so excited about this new adventure… Next week I officially join a yacht broker where I’ll be able to help others build a dream of buying and selling in the watercraft market. In two weeks we will be sea testing a potential motor yacht in Florida…. and in the meantime I’ll be scouting product for Salt and Siren (we have some great products to introduce you to) and learn the ropes in commercial renting space. There are sure to be some tests… I’m certain I’m going to make some really stupid mistakes… (pray for us) and I know that a significant amount of learning is still in order. 

We are ready… it begins. We welcome you aboard to see it all go down. If you want to really be apart of the crew… pop over to our patreon page to see what really happens when you try to build an ocean dream from a landlocked life!