A Long Journey

Sometimes… we have to travel to great lengths to learn a lesson.

This is such the case with our last go around in finding a boat. You will see the vlog version of this journey coming out soon about the adventure, but I also like to capture it here in the blog for the written version and as a documentation of another sort.

I traveled south… like WAY south… to see the next option we thought might make our liveaboard dreams a reality. After over 20 hours of driving (had to stop often to work via roadside) an interesting night sleeping in my bite sized Kia Soul, I made it to Aransas Pass to see a 1976 Bertram Motor Yacht.

Aransas Pass was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Harvey last year (August 2017) so we thought it would be paramount that we see the vessel with our own eyes.

Trouble was… Sir Salt has to work, so it was left to me to decipher if this was the right vessel for us. We knew it would need work, but a 46 footer… for a $33k price tag, well… we thought maybe, just maybe we could handle the work.

I don’t have it in my heart to trash talk the boat, because the truth is… I feel badly for her. Maybe it because we were both born the same year (lol) I just can’t bring myself to say she she is all used up. The truth is, this ol’ girl needs a special owner. One who can remove her mold… her corroded joints and engine bits and her worn out wallpapers and carpets. She needs gutted. I was hopeful… thinking we could maybe do it… and give her new diesel breath… but in my heart I knew, I would be asking for a slew of problems. Further, this is complicated by the fact that we live over 19 hours away from the vessel.

So… with my head a little low… and another 19+ hours ahead of me, I got in car and started back to Indianapolis.

Was it worth it… yes, it’s always worth it. When you are so ready to lean into your dream… you do everything you can to capture it. You do random crazy shit like sleep in your car in Texarkana… and crawl into the belly of an engine room that you’re sure you’ll crawl out of with a staff infection. You do it, because it’s a dream… and dreams NEVER show up the way you expect them to.

Farewell ol’ Bertram girl… I’m glad we met. I hope one fine salty dog will decide that you are worth the time and energy to bring you back to your glory!